Why do websites cost so much

Read this article: it adds perspective, as to why it costs so much to build a website

http://www.websearchsocial.com/how-much-should-a-website-cost. And this article makes it clear that cheap is not always so wonderful.

Choosing between a pool of many people with many talents or just one person?

Question: Why do websites cost so much? Answer: Everything is relative!

Just one developer may appear to be cheap, but if he/she has no portfolio on display, then how will you know if they can do a good job for you? You don’t. If he is a poor communicator,  or decides he is not available for a long length of time, or works only at night when he is home from his main job, then what happens to your web project?  Yes you need to be able to trust the person you engage for the job, they are approachable and can finish it in the time agreed. When you go to a large web development company,  it is very expensive but you can usually be sure you are getting the best in the latest expertise and quality. If you want a whole bunch of tailor-made bells and whistles on your site; or you have a very large organisation, then it is understandable you should go to a larger web development company. This day and age though, developers can work from home, alone, and thanks to Google, are multi-tasking and having no problem keeping up with the latest techniques and trends, thus they are able to deliver a satisfactory quality of website. And this is ideally suitable for small businesses on a tight budget.  While I agree it is reasonable to expect  solo developers of sites to put in simple on-page SEO and submit sites to Google, you should not be expecting these same developers to spread themselves too thin, and perform as an SEO Analyst expert as well, because that is a huge follow up area and a full time job in itself for internet marketers and SEO specialists. ( At the same time I say this, you could possibly find some people who CAN do all of it….)

My focus is to provide small businesses with simple, affordable websites using beautiful ready made themes. I also have an understanding of how to place KeyWords in page content, and initiate Google tools.  I work from my home office, thus able to keep overheads costs down. As I am of mature age, I am also used to communicating well, having also taught WordPress at Night School. One very good thing that has emerged with this age of CMS websites, and that is www.wordpress.org –  where very cutting edge developers from around the world, submit their cleverly built themes either for free or to places like www.themeforest.net, where they can charge for their theme every time it is downloaded. The upshot of all this activity means, that designers and partially trained developers can now download and develop really tricky and beautiful WordPress sites without needing to know a line of code or needing a computer programming degree to implement the website. And with the proliferation and availability of instant Plugins you can perform almost any functionality quickly – without paying team of programmers for a month to get same result.

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