Does your site start with https?

Google has a BEST PRACTICE STANDARD plan in force now, it is about pushing for all https internet. That means even sites that are not selling anything i.e. non-ecommerce type sites, are requiring an SSL certificate in order to get a clean rating in Google Directory.

So if your site starts with http:// then it does NOT have an SSL attached. And is likely to be losing favour over your competitors who do have an SSL. This can seriously impact the number of visitors to your website.

I therefore recommend, if you haven’t already done so, contact me, or your developer to ask for them to organise SSL to be attached to your website, immediately. Even if you are not selling anything. I recommend Really Simple SSL, who have free and paid SSLs, or other free alternatives, Cloudflare; or your hosters may be able to enable Lets Encrypt, a Cpanel free SSL.

Google is making it quite clear by issuing an information icon next to each entry, it is publicising: “This site is not secure”! within its directory. This persuades some visitors not to take a risk, not even visit your website for a second!

The latest I have just heard from Sucuri website is that some sites that use logins for users, (not only just shopping cart users,) are going to be blacklisted if they do not have SSL! This has become even more serious than I first thought, so you are are being penalised for deceptive content even though you have nothing wrong on your site.

See this full blog article here from Sucuri.