Should you build your own website

Starting on a limited budget?

If you choose to build your website on a Non-Wordpress automated platform, or build a WordPress on a cheap hosting account, entirely on your own, both those strategies can have drawbacks. You run the risk of getting stuck on technical stuff, or may not know that your site is missing vital bells and whistles. You may still have to pay experts to step in and help. Another option is to get a large development team to build your boutique site, if your budget allows it.

I recommend a fourth option; get a freelance developer such as myself, to build a WordPress site for you, it can end up looking just as good as any high-end website, and cheaper to run than a non-WordPress, by the second year.

All options allow you to edit and manage your own content.

The most important decider is: your requirements must take priority; not all developers or platforms provide the same services. You have to go where you can get the right features at the right price.

With DIY sites,  hosting is more expensive in the longer run. And, you will not be able to migrate your site to any other cheaper hosting later if you so desired.  Why is this? Because their platform is incompatible with any other brand.

With WordPress, you pay upfront to get it built, then hosting is cheaper in the long run. The site can be zipped up and migrated to any other open-source hosting should you decide to change hosters. Why would you want another hosting? Because you may already have website hosting, but it is no longer providing you the bells and whistles you need to grow your site to the next level.

With me as your developer, I guide you to save money all along the way. I choose the best quality hosting company like, that performs everything you need, at an affordable rate. I help you choose the best Theme and plugins to fit your business, so you have invested wisely. I make sure you have everything set up, and I am available to maintain your site at short notice.

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