Terms and Conditions

We establish your requirements at a meeting and then Webdesinz puts a proposal in writing, and sends it by email to you, to sign and return (if you want to go ahead).

Our proposal will itemise our development costs for the design and build, and provide an estimated delivery date.

Other optional costs itemised as separate from the build will be: Premium theme, Premium plugins, third-party accounts, eg booking or appointment systems; stock image purchase, domain name purchase, and web hosting.

We list our obligations and your obligations at each stage of the project (see below) i.e. when we start building the site, you will provide your data. As each phase of the development is reached, we will confirm, and ratify that we are both on track and in agreement, and ready to move to the next phase, until the project is completed.

If you know right from the start that you cannot provide crucial content in time for the Go Live date, we suggest holding off starting date, until you have the content available.

You will be required to pay a 50% deposit and supply the agreed content prior to commencement of project.

You will be required to pay the 50% balance within 1 week of Webdesinz “completing the project”, i.e. after populating all the agreed pages, and features, and going LIVE.

If by Go-Live date you decide that more pages should be added, that must be done in your own time afterward, as you will have the ability to add unlimited pages and content forever after. Incomplete pages can be hidden until you are ready to populate them.

Webdesinz provides a free hour of training after completion, for all new builds or revamps. We teach you how to add your content and create as many new pages as required.


Both parties are entitled to renegotiate or postpone development due to unforeseen circumstances. No deposit refund is given for client abandoning the project if substantial work was already carried out, however the balance could be waived if no further work is to be done.

Leeway for either party to request additional plugins/features:

If we decide that you require additional plugins or features, and they weren’t initially quoted, we can extend the completion date and provide a quote for the new extra features.

Our obligations when the project starts

Hosting: We set up your website hosting account and domain name, then install a WordPress site.

Email: We set up 2 web mailboxes for you. (if required)

Theme: We will install your chosen theme and plugins, configure the features, and start loading the images and content you agreed to send us.

Your obligations when the project starts

Page Content: You will forward us your text content, via email as attached Word Docs, or pdfs.

Images: You will supply your Logo and images in jpg, png, or PSD file formats.  These can be put as email attachments or on a Flash drive; (not embedded in emails). If you would like to purchase internet stock photos: PhotoDune on www.themeforest.net, istockphoto.com, and www.123RF.com, are just a few of many stock photo sites. Unsplash.com is a site that provides free Royalty free images.

Testing and approvals: you will check the development is proceeding to your specifications, then at the final stage, approve/sign off the development as finished, when it is delivered.