Terms and Conditions

Webdesinz establishes an overview of your requirements at a meeting and then puts a proposal in writing, and sends it to you by email, to sign and return (if you want to go ahead). The fee for the initial development is a ballpark figure based on a typical small to medium site, and should be paid in advance.  If you decide later to expand the website and add extra features, those can be paid for upon completion, or just prior to the site going live. The original estimated quote, is therefore not fixed and final, due to extra work that may have to be undertaken, over and above the original quotation.

Webdesinz will advise, what is going to be part of your build. During the course of the build, you may find that there are a few new tasks that you forgot to mention at the outset;  i.e. instead of 50 photos you have 300 photos to be optimised. This will add labour time to our quotation. Webdesinz also may make suggestions to fix gaps or anomalies that crop up, that you were unaware of; but you can choose to go ahead with these fixes or not, especially when or if it involves an extra cost.

As the work gets done one phase at a time, we check with you to ensure you want to carry on and have the next feature added or left out.  If we get to the end of the development and you decide to cancel modules, then Webdesinz will only refund any advances paid for modules not yet developed. However if they did get developed (and you changed your mind too late,) then no refund is possible for work already carried out. In some cases, we may be able to swap simple features out but that will solely be at Webdesinz’s discretion.

For Existing websites: Just to clarify: we only add, edit, and configure new features and functions where they prove to be compatible with the existing theme; but we do not do re-code previously customised bespoke themes,  in the back end, therefore it is mainly adding new plugins and front end changes that we undertake.

For New Sites: Webdesinz only develops pre-made shell template WordPress sites, and there are limitations to how much these templates can be modified. If a customer doesn’t like a WordPress free template they can look at the many other premium ones readily available at themeforest.net, or research different web systems first before proceeding with a WordPress site.

Webdesinz usually provides an approximate/estimated delivery date, of 3 – 4 weeks on average for a small to medium simple site development. This timeframe is negotiated with you, based solely upon our current workload, and you the client being available to answer questions that are required for the build to proceed.

Other fixed costs separate from the labour costs are: Domain name, web hosting, optional premium theme, optional premium plugins,  third-party accounts, eg Paypal, booking or appointment systems; Mailchimp newsletter accounts, or stock image purchases.

Your obligations

Clarify what features you want to start with, and what features could come later.

Choose a Theme template- be sure you like its design and layout. Decide on how many pages and what features will be mandatory to start with.

Be available to gather and provide all of your data. Data is defined as images and text and documents.

Be available to answer questions about your requirements while the site is being built, and respond to approve sections as they get completed, so we can move to the next phase and next module.

There are two types of data content we require from customers:

  1. Data that is essential to create design, structure, Home page content, logos and crucial prime pages/price lists/specifications about your products or services;
  2. Data that is not used for design, and only populates informational body text such as Blog, About the Company, Testimonials, Staff  Bio descriptions, Mission Statements, etc.

If you are not ready to provide crucial design content, we suggest holding off starting date, until you have the content available.

If you do not have the time to forward the non-essential page content (that is deemed non essential to functionality,) then you can add that yourself after the completion date. Or in certain circumstances, Webdesinz will insert all of the non-vital content if you forward it later, at no extra cost, as long as we have negotiated and agreed in advance.

 If you are unhappy with the design, then you should contact us and choose another templated theme, during the first phase when it is easy to change. We can change the theme to give a different look. If you say nothing, we assume the template you chose was satisfactory.

You might be too busy to contact us, but please keep us in the picture or we might assume you have defaulted on the project, and no further work will be undertaken, and no refund given if work was carried out. Webdesinz makes every effort to assist you to overcome hurdles such as sending data or activating social links that you will be expected to manage yourself after the site is completed.

Terms upon completion

Project completion is deemed when Webdesinz has completed design structure, completed systems, and functionality, with the majority of page content populated, and the site is ready to Go Live, on the agreed completion date.

If full number of hours were carried out or all features were added as requested, then no refund is given if you decide to cancel the project. Also, fixed costs cannot be refunded, such as hosting and domain. However once you have paid in full, then the site is your intellectual property and you can take it and change it or modify it further to your liking.

The ownership rights of the site is passed to the client upon completion, and when client has paid in full for all the features that were agreed upon.


Both parties are entitled to renegotiate go live date or postpone development due to unforeseen circumstances but no refund is given for project abandonment by the client.

Webdesinz procedures for a new site

Hosting: We set up your website hosting account and domain name, on a temporary staging site, then install a WordPress shell site.

Email: We can set up 2 web mailboxes for you. (if required)

Theme: We will install your chosen theme and plugins, configure the features.

Page Content: You will forward us your content, via email as attached Word Docs, or pdfs, and we will insert them.

Images: You will supply your Logo and images in jpg, png, or PSD file formats.  These can be sent as email attachments or put  on a Flash drive; (not embedded in emails). If you would like to purchase internet stock photos: PhotoDune on www.themeforest.net, istockphoto.com, and www.123RF.com, are just a few of many stock photo sites. Unsplash.com is a site that provides free Royalty free images.

Testing and approvals: At each stage of the project, Webdesinz will be in contact with you to verify each stage is completed to your satisfaction.

Then at the completion stage, Webdesinz will advise you to check and ratify the content. You may even request a few more adjustments. We then make the site GO LIVE.

Google Products like analytics are set up, after the site is live. This does not include Google Workspace.

We ideally like you to come to a final meeting for a run-through, which involves a free hour of training – on how to add or manage your website and content. This is when we confirm all your logins to Social Media, Google Products etc, run through how to process orders, and emails.

We can skip the final meeting if your Internet skills levels are high and you know what you are doing. (or its a site that doesn’t have features you need to interact and follow up)

In that case, we will send you detailed email instructions, logins and accesses.