Your first consultation is free

Our build a website fee is a one-off charge, shown as per below. They include choice of a free WordPress theme. If you choose a Premium theme, that is extra. Other items you will need are Social Links, SEO, Google Submission.

Other separate costs – you will also need to purchase domain name and webhosting on a yearly renewing basis; We can provide hosting on our hosting for $135 per year, and this includes back-end maintenance.

1-3 pages HTML $290

Shoestring starter site: Using a free template we can build you a one-pager or simple 3-pager site in HTML5 for $290. Extra pages are $95 per page. You will need to provide us your own content which we insert for you. You will not have access to admin to edit this site yourself; you would have to get us to update it for you. With this package you will also need to purchase: Hosting, and Domain name. For html sites, we offer half price hosting at $65 per annum.

10 paged wordpress $950

We configure a basic WordPress CMS, theme, and add up to 10 pages of your provided content. We optimise all your photos, create pages, sliders, menus, footers and widgets. If you require more than 10 pages you would either load the rest yourself, or for an extra fee we will load everything for you. We provide 2 hrs free training to teach you to add and edit. With this package you will also need to purchase: SEO, Hosting, Domain name, and a PremiumTheme..

5 paged wordpress $590

This package is for a simple basic 5 paged WordPress site using a free theme. You would provide your own content and we would insert it for you. Extra pages (that we configure,) are $95 per page. You will be able to edit this site yourself for the future. Training for how to manage the admin is $50 per hr. Optionals: Premium Themes are from $50-80 extra. You will also need a Domain name, Hosting, and we recommend our SEO & Social links package.

extra pages & SEO $490

Add this combo package to the basic 10 paged WordPress Package, (instead of adding the SEO only package,) in order to add an extra 10 extra pages content to be loaded by us. We will also load all the SEO.

All 20 pages content added for you and SEO optimised as well as Social Media links and Google Products applied to your site.

SEO & Social links $250

Purchase this SEO Optimisation Package so that up to 10 pages can be properly optimised and submitted to Google – this package includes SEO metatags, descriptions and keywords, and add Google Analytics Tracking.

We activate all the recommended Google Products such as webmaster tools, sitemaps, social pages like Google My Business, and Google + and Facebook,
LinkedIn (if required).
We create posts on these sites so they can count on Google Directory as an indexed link.

product catalogue $490

Add this Catalogue Package if you have up to 30 products to be displayed. We add these to a WooCommerce Shop plugin, for the purpose of display and not checkout, although that function can be easily activated later.
SEO tags are included for each product.
To activate e commerce for a Paypal shopping cart, prices start at a further $480, although actual cost is p.o.a. You will also need to purchase an SSL Certificate for secure transactions.

Web Hosting $135 p.a.

We offer hosting for small sites under our bulk website hosting with, for $135 p.a. This includes up to 5 webmail boxes configured for you and regular back end maintenance and updates.
Larger websites that intend to have lots of traffic or e commerce, will be set up on an independent account p.o.a. according to your needs. E commerce sites need to have independence and an SSL Certificate.

maintenance $50 p.h.

Your site will require maintenance and upgrades applied throughout the year. Some updates are small and some are major, requiring more time – we offer one free mid year update and if issues beyond our control come up we will have to spend time fixing technical issues with the server, then our charge is $50 per hour, as when required.
We also offer to train you in a $50 one-off session so you can do the future updates yourself.

site reviews p.o.a.

We review old sites and make recommendations to improve. This could mean a brand new site, or just improving SEO or adding new content here and there.
We also check you have Social Media inbound links, https, and SafeWeb verification. Cost of 1 hour Review: $50.

domain names p.o.a.

You will need to purchase a domain name and renew it yearly. You should search for a Domain Registrar company on Google or get us to purchase it on your behalf. (price is approx $25 p.a.
Webdesinz can take care of the set up of the domain on your hosting.

web assistant $50 ph

If you are too busy to update your site, then we can be hired as your editor or Virtual Assistant at $50 per hour. We can also be hired to come on site and take photos, gather and write content, (copywriting).

training $50 ph

We offer 2 hours free training with all new web projects, expressly to show you how to edit and manage your own site. Thereafter training is at the rate of $50 per hour. We have a Special Offer rate of four hours for the price of three.

Additional Costs if purchased separately from packages

Themes: You must have a theme installed in order to display your pages. These vary in cost from free, through to $80 – 90 NZ. for the free downloads, or for the premium themes. You could purchase a theme yourself independently or we buy it for you and it will be added to your bill with us, accordingly. We would both need to agree on the chosen theme before purchasing it.

Website Hosting: $135 per annum on our Siteground bulk hosting account, includes system updates and maintenance.

Royalty Free images: You may decide to provide entirely your own copyrighted images. If extra images are needed, then you would need to purchase some at your own cost: at your own cost or this can be added to your bill accordingly. There are many other websites providing images such as,

Shopping Cart Checkout hook up to Paypal: We can connect your Woocommerce catalogue to Paypal Standard checkout for $490. Another method is a Bank Merchant Account and this is p.o.a. Other functions may be required such as gift vouchers, membership levels, or other plugins, and these are available on p.o.a.

Mailchimp Newsletters plugin:
To set up a Mailchimp account and configure lists and web form plugin $100. You will get a free account for up to 2000 subscribers and thereafter Mailchimp charge for higher numbers.

Paypal buttons:
Not using a shopping cart, we can set up independent buttons for selling products $100

Get Timely Online Appointment System
$100 -200 depending on the number of services you require us to list.

Creation and Integration of Online Registration forms in PDF
Uncomplicated documents created and made downloadable from your webpages – from $60

Ad-hoc costs $50 per hour.

If you wish to hire my services by the hour and this is separate to building a website from start to finish, then casual ad-hoc content uploading and editing, copy writing, PDF creations, design of Business Cards for print; SEO tasks: $50 per hour.

Onsite visits/consultations for 1 hour, $60. (the extra $10 is for travelling up to half an hour). Visits are for consultations and gathering content, and for the purpose of photographing or videoing material to go on your website.