Nightmare dealing with Godaddy

Time required to engage with Godaddy to ask for a simple UDAI number: 3 hours on the end of a phone.

The problem I have with Godaddy is they have no email support and all phone lines are to a landline not an 0800 number, and they make everyone wait on the line for a minimum of 15 minutes before answering. Then if you select the wrong department, they will transfer you back to another 15 minute queue. If you get annoyed about the wait, they will pretend something is wrong with the phone and cut you off so you won’t get any further help. And they have no helpdesk knowledge nor automated procedures in place to allow a transfer of a domain away from godaddy control to another registrar. So they are quite happy being an inbound registrar of but they are not able to help you get out from godaddy.

I purchased a domain name at and found that their prices were nearly twice as much as other NZ registrars, so I tried to transfer to another cheaper registrar. But to do this I found, was a huge mission. For a start, my domain, or any domain about to expire, the control of the domain diverts to the nz authorised registrar Key-Systems GmbH, a full month or so before the actual real expiry date. If you try to transfer it away to another registrar, during this last month, they make it virtually impossible to get it away. The old registrar, new registrar and Key-Systems act as if they don’t know to do it, they give you some cock-and-bull story that you have to go elsewhere back and forth between this and that place to release the lock, blah blah, and they keep this pass the ball going for weeks. And for me in the case of Godaddy, they make you phone them for every follow up, so you are forced to be on the phone for hours and hours wasting time and being sent around in circles, all the while they disavow responsibility and tell you perhaps contact the new registrar or this mysterious Key-Systems in Germany. All just to keep you from transferring away.

I searched on Google and found this same problem had happened 5 years ago, so Godaddy still hasn’t improved the handling of transferring international domain names – even though they advertise themselves as experts. See this forum: http://

So in summary:

GoDaddy provided no help page information on their website.

Nobody knew why it was not possible to unlock the domain.

What was worse, was finding out that domains are owned by Key-Systems.

All registrar resellers should take responsibility to have accurate information to provide to customers.
They seem to enter into a conspiracy to confound and confuse and misdirect you, in order to discourage you from transferring a domain.
They all point the finger at each other! Then when you make a strong request for them to drop the bullshit, they finally reveal its the old registrar to issue the UDAI code for the transfer.

Readers please take note, the old registrar is the only one that can issue the UDAI code. In GoDaddy’s case, it was revealed after three hours, and they did have a special department that could generate the UDAI. Their contact was