Google changing its algorithm

Latest News Flash! Does this spell the end of html websites? Big changes are coming, with Google changing its algorithm.

What is an algorithm? The states: An algorithm is a set of steps that are followed in order to solve a mathematical problem or to complete a computer process.

Why are they changing it? To make websites more relevant, accessible and readable, in a mobile device. By linking first of all to mobile friendly sites, that allows google to cater to listings that have taken the trouble to update their sites. Where does that leave you?

If you are an html website owner, you need to know that after April 21 2015, your old html web site will drop below your competitors mobile friendly listings. And as you know, if you were used to appearing on the first page of searches, you may now get thumped to page 10! And do your customers go through page after page of searches, til they find your link? I think not. That means your indexed site in Google is as good as dead. You won’t be found, end of story. Is your business dependent upon visibility in Google?

Of course, this may take a little while to kick in, and if you have other sister sites and other supporting directory links and those sites are CMS and mobile friendly, then chances are you will be able to get away without much of a drop. But dont put your full hopes on that….

See this article (among others) that can be found on Google:

Contact Webdesinz to get your old html website converted to a Google compliant website so that it can continue to keep its ranking in Google Directory.

(ps you may notice the website is an html site. This is being changed over to a full wordpress site as we speak. Webdesinz also has and which are wordpress sites.)