At Webdesinz we facilitate deployment of ready-made, well tested, responsive, mobile friendly, WordPress themes.

Do you want an uncomplicated website that you can edit?

If you are a small business on a shoestring budget, you might ask, do I need to employ a team of specialists just to get a simple but professional looking, editable CMS website?

On one hand, you want something a bit more flexible than a Wix website, yet on the other hand, loading up and populating a WordPress site yourself, may be beyond you as a beginner - or you haven't the time. This is where I come in. I deploy a ready-made WordPress themes to fit your needs, load up all your content, publish, then you are ready to go!

As a Web Project Manager and Web Designer, I can execute the entire project tasks that are involved with building a website, from start to finish, for a very reasonable cost, expressly because WordPress is already coded. However, if you want complex customisations then you should go straight to Web Developer specialists. I don't code from scratch, or change code in the theme. But if you do want a straight forward informational site that you can edit yourself, then look no further, I can do this for you. I work from home, so have low overheads.   I sort out all your page layouts, create original graphics, change some elements within the theme where the theme allows, to make it unique to your brand. 

Basic Add Ons/Plugins: I can add Contact Forms, Sliders / Slideshows / and optional Product Catalogues / Newsletters / booking forms - and there is a raft of other functions available via many other plugins.

SEO and Social Media: I can also add elementary SEO in pages, and submit your site to Google. 

FAQs:  Is the theme and the hosting platform robust and reliable? Can it be hacked?

I advise clients to choose ONLY from the top selling themes, and plugins, known for their reliability, regular updating, flexibility, stability of core code, and timely theme support. This will help - along with well respected hosting providers. I recommend I host mine and my client websites with them, the support helpdesk is superb, and the sites have been hack free for as long as I have known them. However please be aware that hackers are clever sneaks, they may find a way to get in anywhere!

Maintenance: any sites I deploy I also offer to backup, maintain and update themes and plugins on a regular basis, as part of my hosting fee.

 Let us convert your HTML site NOW!

Contact us to get your old html website converted to a Google Compliant Mobile Friendly responsive website so that it can continue to keep its ranking in Google Directory. After April 2015, your old site will drop below your competitors who have mobile friendly listings, (when viewing in a mobile). See this article (among others) that can be found on Google:


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 We use SiteGround to host all the websites we build. This means your website is safe from hackers.

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